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So what elements of our performance do we measure?

On this page, we provide a monthly summary of how well we've been performing.  That way you can get a feel for how relaibale we are.  How refreshing is that?  The fact that we publish our performance so transparently for all our potential and existing clients to see (and comment upon) gives you assurance over the accuracy and veracity of our information.  We're proud of what we do and we want to share our achievements.


We measure our performance both in terms of how well we deliver for our clients (the businesses who pay us for our services) and the satisfaction of customers (the people who's letterboxes we post through).  The measures we use are :


Performance for Clients

* On Time and In Full delivery (OTIF) : This is a standard measure in the supply chain/logistics industry although not yet prevalent in leaflet delivery


* Client Complaints : We measure the number of complaints we receive from our clients (if any) and use this as a proxy measure for how satisfied they are with the work we've done for them


Performance for Customers

* Customer Complaints : We record the number of complaints we receive from householders (if any) and use this as a proxy measure for how well we do our deliveries through your (and our) customers doors.

Performance for Clients

Performance for Customers

OTIF October Clients customers

During Augustl we delivered over 50,000 leaflets to customers across delivery campaigns for 17 different clients.  All of our deliveries were completed on time and in full.


We delivered all of our campaigns to the satisfaction of our clients and in delivering over 50,000 pieces of promotional material we did not receive any complaints from householders.


Job well done.

August Performance Commentary

Summary in Numbers for August


client campaigns

completed on time and in full


leaflets delivered


customer complaints


client complaints

Detailed year to date performance

As well as providing performance data for last month, we show below our detailed performance for the whole year to date.  As we've only introduced this innovation from October 2012, the year to date figures are the same as October.  However, in coming months you'll be able to to see any trends in our performance.

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