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With prices starting as low as £35 per 1,000

from £35 per 1,000

value-for-money cost cutting

ThruYorDoor Leaflet Delivery

Cutting the cost of doing business!

At ThruYorDoor we believe in providing our clients with a cost effective door to door leaflet distribution service.  We understand that companies, particularly small businesses, have faced difficult times during the economic downturn and we haven't increased our prices since 2009 to reflect our commitment to supporting our local economy.  We're confident that we provide value for money and our service will deliver a superb return on investment.  Of course these are fine words, but how can you be sure that we do offer great value?  Well we believe that there are three very important factors that differentiate us from many of our competitors.  Here they are :

Transparent pricing


Simple charging structure

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We also like to keep things simple, so we've developed a very straightforward charging model that will help you work out at a glance what the cost of our distribution service will be.  We recognise that small businesses often can't afford to undertake huge print runs and for that reason we don't penalise you for delivering on a smaller scale.  In fact, unlike many firms, we don't operate a minimum delivery quantity.  We also don't operate differential pricing dependent upon the size or weight of the leaflets/brochures we deliver.  We'll be popping your material through every door anyway so whether its a4 rather than a5 size we won't be charging you add on's.

Benchmarked rates

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Of course its no use being transparent and having a simple charging basis, if your prices aren't competitive.  We believe ours are and we've done a lot of research to confirm this.  We've checked out the prices of other similar distribution companies and our prices compare favourably.  You may find some companies that are cheaper, but that shouldn't be the only criteria you're interested in.  Do you always buy the cheapest car or clothes and stay in the cheapest hotel you can find?  Value for money depends upon both the price of the service and its effectiveness.  You need to be sure that every leaflet gets delivered.

Our Rates


from £75 per 1,000

Its worth reflecting on these charges for a minute.  For multi drop that means each leaflet/brochure or magazine you want us to deliver will only cost you 3.5p!  Compare that to the cost of postage - even second class postage - and you'll quickly see that we're less than 10% of the cost of standard postage. And you don't even have to worry about an envelope!

ThruYorDoor Leaflet Delivery

Our Rates

Here at ThruYorDoor we like things to be clear and straightforward.  When you're trying to source your distribution company you want to know there and then how much the service is going to cost you.  Your time is too valuable to waste completing forms for a quote never knowing when you're going to hear back or whether it actually is the company's best price.  For that reason you'll see our very simple charges set out below.

We have two simple transparent charges for leaflet delivery depending upon the type of service required and area to be delivered:

Multi drop delivery rate (your leaflet delivered alongside other non competing leaflets) :


Solo drop delivery rate (your leaflet delivered by itself with no other leaflets at all) :