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Its our core business and its what we do best.  Of course we don't just deliver leaflets we can deliver just about anything door to door.  Magazine's, newsletters, key rings, business cards, samples etc.  You name it, we deliver it.  And we deliver it when we say we will and we do it professionally and with respect, care and attention.  For your peace of mind we will update you regularly of our progress with your deliveries, sending you detailed maps highlighting exactly where we have delivered.  

We understand the demographics of Northumberland, Newcastle and Tyneside.  So when you want advice about how effective your direct marketing campaign will be, we are well placed to help you.  We know the difference between Bedlington and Bedlington Station, we understand how Morpeth differs from Blyth and Ashington and we know each of the areas and estates of these towns.  Our detailed local knowledge means we can provide you with advice on how to focus your door drop deliveries.  We'll work with you from the outset so that you get the best possible response.  Its this sort of insight that will maximise the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Not only do we have local knowledge, we also have a range of sophisticated demographic information and targeting models.  We can help you to maximise the return on your marketing expenditure by working with you to identify where your leagflet campaign will work best. We can provide demographic information and delivery services for specific post code areas, electoral wards and even individual streets.  So if you need tailored advice on how to maximise your response rate, we can help you target your door to door leaflet distribution campaign to the area or demographic that will work best for you.

For those companies which trade with other businesses, we offer a targeted business to business (B2B) leaflet delivery service.  We can distribute direct to industrial estates, business and retail parks and shopping centres depending upon your needs.  We'll also give you access to our FREE social media marketing service which will help get your message to hundreds of north east businesses.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Being in the 'business' we've built strong relationships with local printing companies and can arrange a full design and printing service for you at the best possible rates.

We know what we're best at and we do it well.  And we want to continue to focus on our core business so we can continue to provide an outstanding service. However, we also recognise that our clients may need a full design, marketing, PR and advertising solution.  So to meet our clients needs we've teamed up with a small number of trusted partners we can use to provide you with a seamless end to end marketing solution.  From ideas to design to delivery.

We've partnered with a relaible and well connected local publicity service to offer you a full media and publcity service.  With years of experience of crafting professional and engaging marketing and media strategies, our partners will work with you to meet all of your PR needs.


We've teamed up with a web design service which can develop content rich sites for entry level prices.  As well as designing your site, they can host your domain and update your content.  We'll connect you at no additional charge.

Social Media Marketing

Our experience shows that your marketing and advertising campaigns are most effective with an eclectic mix of traditional direct market using door to door leaflet delivery and social media marketing.  However, like leaflet distribution social media marketing works best when its targeted.  Here at ThruYorDoor we’ve recognised this and have developed an active and comprehensive network, particularly using twitter, which has a focus on supporting local businesses in the region.  Its a network that we have a high level of influence over as verified by the likes of ‘Klout’. For clients using our leaflet delivery service we offer this social media service FREE of charge.  We’ll advertise your leaflet campaign on twitter and even blog about your service/product on our news/blog page.  All of this free service will help you to reach 1,000’s of potential customers at no additional cost.

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